Legally high in Brisbane

2nd 2007f January 2007

We are pleased to announce the opening of the new “Happy High Herbs” store in Fortitude Valley, just minutes from Bluetongue Backpackers.

This is welcome news to those of you who fell in love with the stuff in Nimbin & Byron Bay shops!

Happy High HerbsWe fully support the rights of herbs and encourage you to drop in and see the fun crew who are so helpful with your legal herbal party needs. They also stock a wonderful range of hemp clothing and products, incense and pipes.

Find us on the corner of Duncan St & Ann St Fortitude Valley Brisbane we are open every day from 11am till late.

The herbal mission is clear ( thanks to Ray & Elizabeth Thorpe founders of this company) :-

The herbs we promote are happy herbs. None of them are harmful or addictive (ie habit forming) and contain no awful side effects, come downs or hangovers (unlike some popular legal and illegal drugs eg: cigarettes, alcohol, Prozac etc).

LEGAL HIGHS aim is to supply safe, healthy and unadulterated organic herbs, which have been tested on human beings over millenniums of historic use. Our original mission to promote Legal High herbs as safe alternatives to harmful illegal and legal drugs escalated to a cause when we suddenly became aware of the oppression and restrictions forced onto natural herb and remedies by the political lobbying and biased influence from powerful and sinister profit driven pharmaceutical corporations.

These chemical companies are very big and very powerful They do not reproduce chemical copies of powerful healing herbs for the good of human kind Their only intent is profit, regardless of any BODY. Proof? Their drugs sent 25,000 Australians into hospital last year, suffering from their adverse effects alone. In America too, over 100,000 people died last year from prescription drugs, (including 1,000 suiciding on Prozac alone!) and not one death from herbal medicine!

Yet, here in Australia, Coltsfoot is still prohibited. Has it harmed or killed anyone, anywhere? No! It is the most effective remedy for coughs and lung congestion, but along with all the other great lung herbs like Lobelia inflatá, ephedra and borage, it remains prohibited. Is it any surprise that the biggest money spinners for the pharmaceutical companies are the products that copy the actions of these wonderful herbs. People have died on these commercial products, yet they are still allowed to be sold over the counter without prescription!

So, the far safer and more effective herbs are denied from us, the people. Why? The pharmaceutical corporations cannot patent (and therefore profit on) herbs but they can profit enormously on patented chemicals and pills. Their modus operandi is to synthesise the herb and then work to have the safer more effective natural herb prohibited.

There are still well over 100 comparatively safe herbs that are in government ‘jails’ (on the restricted or prohibited list), yet these plants are on this planet for our benefit.

Natural herbs of this planet must never be banned from us of this planet. To do so is unnatural, creating bad KARMA. And we certainly have created much bigger and disastrous problems from the prohibition of psycho-active herbs. The most effective and least harmful way to winning the so called drug war is to release the ‘prisoners’, ie: the herbs. The role of our government is to educate us about the dangers (and the effects) of all popular drugs. Banning them automatically creates an industry — legal and illegal!

Our Ideal World

In our ideal world there is little crime or violence. And so there shouldn’t be, for at last we have emerged from the DARK AGES and are CIVILIZED! Our government caring for the health, wealth and social progress of our nation took two evolutionary steps for rational drug law reform. One was absolute zero tolerance on drug manufacture and distribution along with immediate decriminalisation of personal use or possession of drugs. The other was the prescription of all drugs by qualified medical practitioners, with mandatory counselling for addictive drugs. All stronger drugs including ‘hard’ alcohol (humanity’s most violent drug) are now prescribed through controlled dispensaries. Hotels are now a family venue where only low alcohol drinks are served; so even drink driving is no longer the problem it was. The revenue our government receives from the legal sale and prescription of psycho-active substances has fully funded drug counselling and education, as well as correcting our economy and ALL our social programs. Thank goodness they at last saw the light and lifted all prohibition on natural herbs. Our leaders have at last realised there is something very wrong with a state that prohibits any natural plant. Now we can freely grow any herb for our own use and enjoyment as our Creator intended. We are also taught about any dangerous plants and drugs in our life skill classes at school. Addictive drugs like heroin are almost a thing of the past as anyone requiring them has to undergo counselling and/or treatment programs. Tobacco lovers can now enjoy far less addictive pure unrolled tobacco. There is no longer an illegal drug industry, for the penalties are severe and there is no real demand as people have learnt to respect the culture and ritual of their home grown psychotropic plants. Before Australia took the step to rational plant law reform, over 80% of our crime and violence was drug or alcohol related. Our society was being torn apart with the failure of prohibition. But AT LAST the Government has defined their true role and NOW control the distribution and education on the use of mood altering substances. Australia is now the most happy harmonious and productive place to live. But we owe it all to Australians LIKE YOU who sought a return to the NATURAL world, free of chemicals and pollutants, within and without.